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"The world is full of experts on photography. Some have a faint knowledge of the craft; most merely know what they like, until shown something else. Being a successful photographer or even just being good at talking about it is not the same as making a living from it. Listen to Andrew carefully; he knows what he’s talking about."            Ray Wells, former Chief Picture Editor, The Sunday Times, London

Brighton, UK




I am a professional freelance photographer with 35 years experience.

My pictures are used regularly in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and every other national newspaper, as well as magazines as diverse as Country Life and Take a Break.

​I am based in Brighton


"Andrew is a photographer you can rely on; to get the shot, meet the deadline, cajole the subject and to deliver consistent quality year in, year out. We have worked together over many years and many publications and I count him as a must in my contacts book. He never moans and always gets the job done, which is something all picture editors need. He's also a lovely man with a good eye and I highly recommend him." 

Melanie Grant, photographic agent, working at a senior level of the photographic industry for 20 years working for The Times, The Economist, The Independent, The Financial Times, The BBC, The Guardian and The New York Post.

"I have known Andrew for about twenty-five years and our career paths have touched and crossed many times. When we were re-forming the British Press Photographers' Association he was on a short list of photographers that we regarded as "must-haves" as members because they represented everything that the BPPA stands for - ethical, professional, creative and technically highly able. The fact that Andrew has worked for so many major national and international newspapers and magazines over such a long period says a great deal about him and it comes as no surprise that he is the first name on many lists when a freelancer in Sussex is needed. There are many photographers who can take pictures but there are far fewer who, like Andrew, understand the industry and the wider requirements of their craft to the degree that marks them out as true professionals."

Neil Turner, Vice-Chairman of the British Press Photographers' Association.


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